Movejects is a new online community. That's why we offer you free admission. When Movejects functions properly it will only cost €2 a month. Movejects doesn't have any difficult procedures and won't ask for commission. It operates independently without any subsidies and advertising and won't trade your data.


Open your account on Upload 10 artworks you’d like to exchange.


Search in our database for artworks you’re interested in. Did you find an artwork you would like to exchange? Show your interest by clicking the check mark. When you and the other artist are mutually interested in each other’s artwork(s), you have a match!


After the match you can contact the artist through the website of Movejects to agree upon an exchange of the works. But the Movejects-journey doesn’t have to end there. Perhaps you would like to sell the artwork in your own social or professional network, or keep it yourself. Because of the exchange you meet new artists and this possibly opens up new sales or exhibition opportunities for your artworks.

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